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Important information

Rates are based on per week insertion - except job ads. When providing material please use gif, jpg, png or html. No swf or flash-files allowed.

All ads, except jobs and newsletter ads, must be supplied in both desktop/tablet & mobile sizes. Files for desktops/tablets should not exceed 300 kb in size.

Files for mobile devices should not exceed 100 kb.

For mobile devices

To ensure visibility on mobile devices, please provide an additional banner 300 x 250 px.

For tablets

To ensure visibility on tablet devices, please provide an additional banner 768 x 200 px.


1920x1080: Width 1920px, height 1080px. Maks 350 KB. JPG/GIF/PNG*

The banner is responsive, we scale the ad to 100% height, but we recommend placing the most important elements, such as text and logo, in 1520px centred in the banner (200px security margin on each page).

From the top we recommend at least 150px and bottom 100px safety margin to account for toolbars etc. on your browsers.

457x812: Width 457px, height 812px. Maks 100 KB. Jpg/gif.

The recommended mobile safety margin is 120px at the top and 60px at the bottom of the ad. The ad is scaled to 100% height.
Explanation: Since the new iPhone X series (9:19,5 ratio) is slimmer than older models, and the full-screen ad scales to 100% height, the pages of the ad created with classic aspect ratio (9:16) will fall outside screen. Therefore, the new safe margin is based on the ratio of these narrow phones. See example.

General information regarding products

- Content Marketing includes photo, headline and text. Choose between placement on the front page or in the article pages

- Article Pages: Super Leaderboard, Sidekick and Medium Rectangle are visible on all article pages

- Job ads are featured on the front page, in the sector pages (Aquaculture, Fisheries, Marketplace and Processor), in the designated jobs section overview, in all articles and newsletters

Premium: job listed on all IntraFish sites. Standard: Job listed either on IntraFish.no or on the IntraFish.com platform
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